Head Operator

Prior U.S. Marine Corps Infantry from Winter Garden, Lee acts as both company owner as well as project manager while the team executes individual tasks. Also responsible for logistics, efficiency and client relations. He offers a wide array of industry related knowledge and oversees all aspects of each project.



Interior Lead Operator

Also from Winter Garden, Angelica ensures all cabin related reconditioning and coating applications happen in a timely manner. Regardless of the surface material, her specialty of choice involves properly introducing various coatings to asset interior space. This includes seating, carpets, tables and trim.



Interior Support Operator

Current UCF student and a valuable member of the team, Alicia assists in being a second set of eyes when it comes to all interior-based reconditioning and coating applications. Her passion for exceeding expectations as well as forward sense of progress allow her to complete each task with zero hesitation. Responsible for interior inspections.


Highly Versatile, Well-Equipped

Fox Detail Service was founded in early 2015 by prior-Marine Combat Infantry Rifleman, Lee Fox.

Since its inception, Fox Detail Service has evolved to meet the various automative and aviation detailing needs of its prestigious clients.

With solid roots in the automotive detail industry, FDS’ automotive shop can be found in Winter Garden, a small city in the heart of Central Florida. Here, clients can expect precision paint correction and refinement. The FDS team specializes in Ceramic Pro coating and Ceramic Pro Kavaca installation.

When catering to elite clients in the aviation industry, Fox and the team are known to operate at various FBO’s across the state of Florida and the Southeastern United States. The FDS team is the only certified Ceramic Pro coating aviation installer in Florida. FDS clients demand the finest quality products coupled with impeccable service and the Fox Detail Service team delivers.

Fox Detail Service’s core values are dedication, commitment and integrity.